Learn business italian


We know that Italian Market is full of opportunities for a company and that sometimes It’s difficult to communicate to Italian suppliers and clients. Maybe their website is not translated into your language or perhaps there are still language barriers, even If you are able to talk to each other.

Why? Culture is the answer. And you can’t imagine how much It is related with language.

We can provide a customized course for you or your employers, in order to avoid misunderstandigs with Italian companies and to provide a value for the future of your business.

Here you have some examples of our courses of Business Italian

Please, take in count that we can draw a customized package of business Italian classes according to your needs.
by Step
Individual lessons
about labour market
30 min.once per week /
€ 15 per lesson/employer
at least
6 months
Meeting simulation
up to 5 participants
1 houroccasionally/
€ 50 per session
at least
3 meetings
Individual councelling
to find a job in Italy
45 min.twice per week/€ 120 in total 2 weeks