We are a small individual company based in Italy and build thanks to authentic espresso, pizza and plenty of loving gestures. Our teachers are 100% Italian native and experienced travellers who know how hard can be to learn a foreign language.

Native Italian Teacher Barbara Poland
Barbara teaching Italian in Cracow, Poland

The owner is Barbara, a young woman who loves writing and having cultural exchanges. She graduated in Sociology at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan and then she moved abroad because she wanted to explore what she studied.

When she came back to Italy, she decided to become a copywriter and she started to tell her travel experience in her blog La città nascosta. Time after time, she became a digital nomad, working remotely and never stopping to travel.

Native Italian Teacher Barbara in Croatia
Barbara teaching Italian in Zagreb, Croatia

During her travels, she realized that many people are in love with Italian language and culture, then she started to teach them her mother tongue, but she also realised that practising was not enough.

For that reason she decided to study to become a proper teacher of Italian for foreigners and she took Cedils Certification. But that was just the beginning of a bigger project.

Once in Italy again, she was contacted by an online language school and she started to teach Italian through a new method: Skype calls. She learnt the peculiarity and the power of such teaching/learning technology and she loved it.

Now Barbara runs her own activity, which is the result of all the knowledge she gained in the previous years. Every day she works hard, never forgetting her teaching values: motivation, passion, honesty. These are, with a good grammar base and some interesting exercises, the ingredients of a quick and lasting learning. (For the ones of home-made Carbonara, you can directly ask her).

Barbara teaching how to make Carbonara
Barbara teaching how to prepare Carbonara

Do you want to become a teacher for Online Italian Classes?

Send us your cv! But before that, please check what are the conditions to join our team:
  • to posses Cedils Certification or equivalent
  • to know at least one more language apart from Italian
  • to be a native Italian speaking teacher

Please, use the address barbara.bassi.pc[@] and attach a motivational letter.